These days, part look-ups and ordering from an electronic catalog is a necessity. Mitchell1 Manager integrates with O'Reillys, ACDelco, TurboParts, Dealerships, CarQuest and many more parts houses. You can quickly write estimates using your choice of integrated parts catalogs, or and be confident you are quoting the customer accurate pricing. You can comparing pricing from the various parts houses making you more competitive in your marketplace. You are also able to check parts availability on the fly, reducing the time you spend on the phone, checking availability and price.

Prices, description and part numbers are automatically transferred to orders. Mitchell 1 Manager helps your shop project a professional image, increase car count, increase revenue per RO, stay competitive, and maintain profitability for as little as $199 a month. Manager also seamlessly integrate with Mitchell 1 to deliver Repair, TSB, maintenance, parts and labor information.
*courtesy of Mitchell1