What's New

Mitchell 1 has teamed up with SureCritic to provide you with service dedicated to increasing the number of reviews and will consolidate reviews in one location. The review management system can also verify which reviews are from actual customers, which studies prove are typically higher than unverified reviews.

Your reviews are posted to the web, complete with Overall Satisfaction, Review Comments, and Recommend scores. In addition, negative reviews generate an automatic alert; ReScore gives you the ability to ask for a follow up review once you’ve resolved a customer concern.

Why is all of this important?

Right now if you are reviewed on Yelp, the filter may remove your positive reviews because the reviewer is too new or due to a missing picture. As you know it is also very difficult to get happy people out to Yelp. Most of the time it is more about negativity. With Sure Critic, your customers receive a survey via email which encourages feed back. You would not expect me to change my own oil, don't expect your customer's to spend more time trying to figure out how to tell the world your shop is great... Help them by opening the door to good reviews!