Are you a Tweeter?

No probably not, after all why should you be? You just recently learned about Facebook and you really see no value in that so why bother with Twitter? You are not alone, this is a common misperception in every industry not just the automotive industry. Here are the top three reasons Twitter should be part of your marketing plan:

  • You can create a coupon and anyone can find it on Twitter through a simple search, whether they follow your updates or not.
  • Twitter is hot for the latest up to date "as it happens" information. This means people are talking about the world your world as it happens!
  • Do you want more foot traffic? There are 145 million registered users on Twitter - some of those Tweeters are in your backyard.

Retweet, share, follow, and Tweet on as you will quickly find your groove. Socializing is intoxicating!

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