The Good, The Bad, and Liver Lips

Don't you hate it when someone puts out a bad review on Yelp and they have never even been to your shop? It's even more of a hassle when you try to get it removed. With Mitchell1's social ECRM you customer receives a survey after their visits. This survey is then submitted to Google, Bing, and Yahoo, help your repair facility move up your customers search results. Remember, marketing is all about building loyalty.

When your review is also pushed out to Facebook, it gives your customers more value because it makes your relationship personal. For $199.00 a month you can get new email addresses monthly, 300+ marketing impressions and an increase in return visits increasing your bottom-line by $5000 on average per month. So cut done on those nasty reviewers I refer to as "liver lips" (because their reviews stink) and increase your profit.